Canyon Lakes Ranger District Educational Resources

Below is a list of resources teachers can check out and use in their classrooms.  Contact the Canyon Lakes Ranger District office for more information at 970-295-6702.

  • Wilderness Box:  The values, resources and challenges of Wilderness with a big "w" are explored with this program.  The kit contains curricula, including complete lesson plans written by educators at the Arthur Carhart Wilderness Center.  Kit contains puppets, slides, color books, kids' nature stories and books, animal pelts and skulls, magnifiers, and much more. This toolbox is geared towards K-8, but can be used with older students. 
  • Tree Trunk: This tote box is full of books, slides, posters, color books, plant identification materials, art books and a collection of plant-related lesson plans.  It is geared towards K-8.


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