Roosevelt Hotshots

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Who We Are

Graphic: Hotshots logoThe USDA Forest Service, Roosevelt Hotshot Crew (IHC) is a twenty-person wildland fire crew. The crew is based in Fort Collins, Colorado, on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland. There are approximately 90 Hotshot crews in the United States. The Roosevelt Hotshots are one of five hotshot crews in Colorado.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision Statement

As the Roosevelt Interagency Hotshot Crew we will strive to exceed all the standards and expectations set before us by demonstrating teamwork, respect, commitment, professionalism and safety while allowing for personal and team growth.

Mission Statement

Each member of the Roosevelt Hotshots will commit to being part of a highly trained, safe, self-disciplined and professional Interagency Hotshot Crew as outlined in the Interagency Hotshot Operations Guide (Self Discipline).

We will rise to all challenges with integrity, courage and determination (Integrity).

We will treat others with respect and in a manner that we ourselves would like to be treated. We will value each individual's skills/abilities and work together to meld them into a strong cohesive unit (Respect).

We will stand united in our pursuit of excellence (Teamwork).

We will honor the proud traditions of the U.S. Forest Service Hotshot Crews by fulfilling our duty as professional wildland firefighters and stewards of the land to the best of our abilities (Duty).

Above all else we will maintain the highest possible safety standards in all aspects of crew operations.

Core Values

- Respect - Integrity - Teamwork - Duty - Self Discipline - Safety -

Each member of the Roosevelt Hotshot Crew will be responsible and accountable for upholding the crew's core values. Each of us will exemplify our crew's core values through our actions, training and standard operating procedures.

Crew Organization

Image: Hotshot crew organization chart.As an interagency hotshot crew, we will have the ability to break into multiple squad configurations based on incident need and/or situation.


For information regarding employment opportunities with the Roosevlet Hotshots, please go to the Employment Information page. For other questions regarding the Roosevelt Hotshots, please contact the following:

Larry Money, Roosevelt Hotshots Superintendent
300 Hemlock St.
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 419-4433

Sterling Jones, Roosevelt Hotshot Assistant Superintendent
300 Hemlock St.
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Roosevelt Hotshot Crew History

The 2000 fire season burned 2.3 million acres of National Forest system lands, the most in 91 years. As a result of this, President Clinton asked the secretaries of Agriculture and Interior Departments to prepare a report that would recommend how to respond to the severe fires of 2000 and reduce impacts of these wildland fires on rural communities and ensure sufficient firefighting resources in the future.

The report commonly known as the National Fire Plan was funded for implementation in 2001. The strategic establishment of the Roosevelt Hotshots in Fort Collins was part of the implementation of this plan to help ensure sufficient firefighting resources for the future. The Roosevelt Hotshots became the third hotshot crew in Colorado joining the USDA Forest Service sponsored Pike Hotshots located in Monument, Colorado, and the USDI Park Service sponsored Alpine Hotshots located in Rocky Mountain National Park. Recently, two other Hotshot crews have been added to Colorado, the Craig Hotshots in Craig and the San Juan Hotshots in Durango.

The Roosevelt Hotshots responded to fourteen fires their first season and received their formal certification in early 2002.

Construction of a 20-person crew quarters complete with training room and workout area was completed prior to the 2002 season.