Our directives include the Forest Service manual and handbooks. Many of our regulations are explained in the Code of Federal Regulations. Other publications include closure orders and agreements.

Accomplishment Reports:

2013 Accomplishment Report

2012 Accomplishment Report


Browse the various newsletters related to the Forests and Grassland, including the Forests to Grasslandnewsletter and the Arapaho National Recreation Area Newsletter.


We have many free recreation brochures available at local Forest Service offices. They offer tips on bicycling to wildlife viewing and everything in-between. The ARP Visitor Guide is available on the web for your convenience.


Check out research published by the Rocky Mountain Research Station. Many publications are produced by other research stations and the Forest Products Laboratory.

FS Today

The FS Today is a predominately internal online publication highlighting news in and around the U.S. Forest Service. The publication includes the many accomplishments achieved with help from our partners.


The Forest Service and Department of Agriculture have many photographs available on-line.

  • The Forest Service photo gallery has historical and current photos.
  • The image gallery of the USDA Agricultural Research Service has high-quality digital images.