Some Boulder Canyon climbing areas reopen following nesting closure

BOULDER, Colo.–The U.S. Forest Service has reopened Blob Rock, Bitty Buttress, and Security Risk climbing areas in Boulder Canyon. These areas were closed Feb. 1 to protect golden eagles during their nesting season. Eagle Rock remains closed to climbing and other activities through July 31, 2018.

These popular climbing areas are located along Colorado Highway 119 approximately 1.5 miles east of Boulder Falls. These areas close temporarily each year to allow the birds to choose nest sites without being disturbed.

It is against federal and state law to disturb any nesting bird of prey. Visitors can help protect wildlife by respecting all closures and leaving immediately if you should accidentally enter one.

For the most current closure information, check signs in the areas, call the Boulder Ranger District office at 303-541-2500, or visit local climbing websites.