Temporary Closure of Baker Draw Designated Shooting Area

Contact(s): Reghan Cloudman

AULT, Colo. – The Baker Draw Designated Shooting Area will be temporarily closed on July 17, 2018, until noon while noxious weed treatment takes place, weather permitting.

A Forest Service employee will be applying herbicide to help reduce non-native invasive species at the site. These weeds pose both an ecological threat and a fire danger. The species being targeted include Russian thistle and Kochia.

Most of this post-emergent treatment will be on the backside of the shooting area, allowing it to reopen in the afternoon. A blue dye will be used in the herbicide to help track where spraying has occurred. The blue dye will last about a week and visitors to the shooting area are asked to stay off of these treatment areas. Walking in this area can limit the effectiveness of the treatment.

Additional information about recreational shooting, including the rules and regulations, on the Grassland is available online at www.fs.usda.gov/goto/arp/targetshooting. It is important to note that you cannot shoot within 150 yards of a developed recreation area (including bird tour pullouts) or occupied areas.

With recent dry weather, please take safety precautions and be mindful that hot projectiles and sparks from ricochets can ignite fires in dry grassy areas and in other dry brushy fuels. And remember, exploding targets and tracer bullets are always illegal.

Information about the Baker Draw Designated Shooting Area is available online at www.fs.usda.gov/goto/arp/bakerdraw.