Lefthand Fire Information Update

Contact(s): Elsha Kirby, 303.541.2535 (temporary #)

Boulder, Colo.  –New crews arrived early this morning to continue suppression efforts on the “Lefthand Fire” that started yesterday afternoon in Lefthand Canyon.

For public safety and so that firefighters can focus on their work, officials ask visitors to avoid the Lefthand Canyon off-highway vehicle (OHV) area until suppression activities come to a close. For updates on area accessibility call Boulder Ranger District (303) 541-2500.
Crews will continue mopping up and securing the perimeter, which was increased to accommodate a small slop-over from last night. A small area, about five feet wide and twenty feet long, crossed the north perimeter of the fire-line last night and has been fully lined.
“The burning area inside the perimeter is still putting up significant heat, and smoke may be visible to people in the vicinity.  Crews will be spending much of their time cooling the area off using bladder bags and reinforcing the fire-line,” Incident Commander Stennes noted.
According to area officials, response time to the fire after ignition was significantly reduced because the fire was reported so quickly. Fire officials arrived yesterday when two visitors in the area called for help. The visitors attempted to put out flames that started after one of their bullets ricocheted during target practice, but they couldn’t do so safely.

 “The hot and dry weather in this area creates a need for visitor awareness. Visitors really need to consider and prepare for the fire risks associated with their planned recreation activities,” said Boulder District Ranger Christine Walsh.

Visitors can get informed about safety risks associated with their activities and prepare themselves before heading out to the woods. For questions regarding safety practices during camping trips, machine and OHV use, target shooting, and fire reporting call or visit any local Forest Service office or go to www.fs.usda.gov/arp