Severely damaged Forest Service roads to remain barricaded during hunting season

Contact(s): Reid Armstrong, 970-887-4145 or Tammy Williams, 970-295-6693

GRANBY – A large snowpack followed by high runoff this spring left numerous U.S. Forest Service roads damaged beyond repair this season due to the extent of the problems and availability of funding.

While many of these roads have been closed to the public for the bulk of the summer, Forest Service personnel are assessing the possibility of placing barricades near the point of damage to allow hunters greater access into some of the region’s most coveted hunting grounds. Wherever possible, barricades will be placed at the nearest turnaround point that can accommodate a large truck and trailer.

Hunters and other visitors to the Sulphur Ranger District should watch for temporary signage posted along damaged routes. Drivers are asked to be careful and use their best judgment whenever traveling on Forest Service roads. Hazards include things such as rocks, slumps, ruts, other drivers and trees that can fall across the road at anytime.

If unfamiliar with the Sulphur Ranger District road system, please stop by the ranger office at 9 Ten Mile Drive in Granby to pick up a free copy of the Motor Vehicle Use Map or find the map online at

Road closures and conditions are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, contact the Visitor Information Services desk at 970-887-4100. The Sulphur Ranger District Office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Closed weekends and holidays.

Road Damage Summary: (Roads ** are impassible)


123 (Stillwater Pass) – Washout on north side of road at junction with 123.4A. Passable, one lane.

123 (Stillwater Pass) – Slump on west side of road about 4 miles north of junction with County Road 4. One lane road. 10 mph speed limit advised.

*** 121.1 (Kauffman Road) – Impassible washout in road. Road is currently closed at gates near the junction of 123 to the north and about 1 mile past the junction of 190.1 (Kauffman South) to the south.


113/834.1 – Passable slump on 113 has taken out nearly half of the road about 1.5 miles from intersection of 123 (Stillwater Pass). Use caution.

120 – Large hole on west side of road. Passable.

Cabin Creek:

112 – (Cabin Creek) Extensive damage about 1.5 miles from intersection of U.S. Highway 124. Passable.

Beaver Creek:

*** 133 (Beaver Creek) Extensive road damage approximately 4 miles east from U.S. Highway 40 at the west end of Byers Canyon. Runoff cuts through road in three locations. A fourth impassible washout, about 8 feet wide, occurred at the intersection with 260.1. Farther south, about a half-mile from the junction of 133 and 878.2, a landslide obscures a portion of the road. Beaver Creek is currently open from the west for about 4 miles east from U.S. Highway 40. From the east, Beaver Creek is currently open from the junction of 139 (Crooked Creek) about 4 miles to the junction with 260.1.

Church Park:

**880.1 – Roads in the area of the 2010 Church Park Fire are still closed to the public. Closure will expire Sept. 30, 2011.

Keyser Ridge:

**140 (Keyser Ridge) – Complete road washout at the junction of 140 and 139 near Horseshoe Campground. The river now runs through the road and a new bridge will be necessary to complete the repair.

141.1 (Kinney Creek) – Seep across road about  3 miles from intersection with County Road 30 poses risk of getting a vehicle stuck. Test before attempting to cross.