Busy Hunting Season Starts on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Contact(s): Reghan Cloudman

Fort Collins, Colo. (October 13, 2011) – As hunting season swings into full gear, the Canyon Lakes Ranger District reminds forest visitors to be aware of all activities in your area.

Hunters are reminded to follow all the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife (CDPW) hunting regulations, as well as Forest Service shooting and travel regulations. Wearing bright colors is required for hunters by the CDPW, but it is recommended for everyone enjoying the forest this time of year. Making yourself visible to other forest users is very important.

All visitors, including hunters, are encouraged to stop by the local U.S. Forest Service office and pick up maps of the area as a safety precaution and to know where private land boundaries are located. Visitors can also get a free Motor Vehicle Use Map to help plan out open routes. Visitor information specialists can help plan your trip and can provide valuable information about the local forest.

Knowing where to go is important. Due to effects from the mountain pine beetle, some trailheads and campgrounds will experience temporary closures this fall. They will not all close at once, but be staggered to provide the least inconvenience for forest users.

Temporary closures for hazard tree removal in October (dates will vary):                                

Beaver Creek Upper Trailhead

Beaver Creek Lower Trailhead

Emmaline Lake Trailhead

Blue Lake Trailhead

Fish Creek Day-use Area

Greenridge Trailhead

Aspen Glen Kiosk

Tunnel Campground

North Fork Poudre Campground

Cameron Pass Day-use Area

Deadman Lookout Tower


Another important safety message for visitors year-round is to be aware of falling tree hazards, especially in mountain pine beetle hit areas. Make sure to avoid dense patches of dead trees, especially on windy days. Park vehicles and place tents in areas away from dead trees and take a saw or ax with you to remove fallen trees from roads in case you become trapped.

If you are looking for a guide for hunting, it is important to know there are six outfitter/guides authorized to offer big game hunting-related services on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District. They offer specific services and operate in specific areas. Each are registered with the state and regulated by the Forest Service to ensure safe, quality service and protection of forest resources. A list is available from our visitor information specialists; any other entities offering services for hire are doing so illegally.

For more information or help planning your hunting trip or fall visit, please contact the Canyon Lakes Ranger District Visitor Information Services at 970-295-6700.