Delays and Temporary Closures Due to Mountain Pine Beetle Work on Canyon Lakes

Contact(s): Reghan Cloudman

Fort Collins, Colo. (April 19, 2012) – Multiple recreation areas will be temporarily closed or experience delayed openings/early closures due to efforts related to the mountain pine beetle epidemic, including spraying and cutting trees.

Contract crews will be spraying trees in select campgrounds and day-use areas on the Canyon Lakes Ranger District this spring and summer. Contractors will spray Carbaryl and U.S. Forest Service crews will monitor operations and conditions. Spraying will occur at lower-elevation campgrounds first and crews will move up in elevation as snow conditions allow. Spraying is very dependent on calm weather and could begin as soon as April 30 in one or more of these locations:

Bellaire Campground and Day-use (delayed opening)

Long Draw (early closure)

Dowdy Campground and Day-use (temporary closure)

Jacks Gulch (delayed opening)

Mountain Park Campground and Day-use

Grandview (early closure)

West Lake Campground and Day-use

Chambers Lake Campground

Contract and U.S. Forest Service crews will also cut more than 2,000 hazardous trees in recreation areas and along roads to address public safety. This may also cause some delays in opening and early or temporary closures. Areas where trees will be cut include:

Campgrounds & Day-use Areas

Tunnel (temporary closure)

Dowdy Lake (temporary closure)

Grandview (early closure)

North Fork (temporary closure)

West Lake (temporary closure)

Long Draw (early closure)

Bellaire (delayed opening/early closure)


Chambers Lake (temporary or early closure)

Trailheads & Other Developed Recreation Areas

Many of the district’s picnic areas and trailheads could have temporary closures throughout the spring, summer and fall. Please check the website for these locations or call visitor information specialists at 970-295-6700 before heading out.

Other Areas

Long Draw Road will be closed early, mid-August, to the general public to cut hazardous trees for the length of the road, this will cause an early closure for the dispersed camping areas too. The Manhattan dispersed camping areas will also experience a temporary closure. The Deadman Lookout Tower could experience a temporary or early closure depending on conditions.

It is expected that most of the campgrounds typically open by Memorial Day weekend will be open for the busy holiday weekend.For the latest status of recreation areas and roads, please check the web at call our visitor information office. Also note that weather and other conditions could alter plans. The Forest Service will try to keep the public updated of changes through our website and/or twitter account at

Even with all this work, forest visitors should be extremely cautious when recreating in the Roosevelt National Forest. Visitors should avoid patches of dead trees, especially on windy days. Also, make sure to park vehicles and place tents in areas away from dead trees and take a saw or ax with you to remove fallen trees from roads to avoid becoming trapped. Remember, your safety is your responsibility. Dead and live trees can fall without warning. For additional safety information, visit