Three More Flood-damaged Roads Reopen on Canyon Lakes Ranger District

Contact(s): Reghan Cloudman

Fort Collins, Colo. – The both fire and flood-damaged Old Flowers Road (#152), located between Stove Prairie Road and Pingree Park Road, is expected to reopen later this afternoon if conditions allow.  Also now open  are the Ballard Road (#129.A) and Greer Road (#154).

The Old Flowers Road was first damaged by the High Park Fire in 2012 and then additional damage was done  by the September 2013 Flood. Although the road is reopening after this severe damage, there are still multiple rough areas along its length. Additional work to repair these will need to continue next year. Use caution as you travel, understanding the road condition is not the same as it was pre-fire and flood.

For additional information about flood closures and recovery efforts, check our website at

Remember, your safety is your responsibility. If you encounter an unsafe situation on a road or trail that is open, please stop and turn around.