Northern Colorado Interagency Helitack


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Who We Are

The Northern Colorado Interagency Helitack was formed in 2013 and is a new interagency effort led by the Forest Service. The 10-person crew consists of several different agencies including the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Boulder County and the City of Boulder. NoCo Helitack's focus is to provide initial attack fire response and support locally, regionally and nationally. NoCo Helitack is also trained to provide medical assistance and logistical support when needed to firefighters during initial and extended attack missions.

What We Do

Helitack crews are teams of firefighters who are transported by helicopter to wildfires. Helicopters enable helitack crews to quickly respond and assess a wildfire situation. The helitack crew will land near a wildfire or rappel from a hovering helicopter to reach remote locations, if equipped and trained. Once on-scene, the firefighters will perform a variety of tactical and logistical missions


The helitack crew uses an AS 350 B3 (Type 3 helicopter) to respond to wildfires and medical emergencies. The aircraft is capable of carrying up to five passengers and is able to reach high elevations, which allows the crew to provide assistance in more remote locations. The helibase is located in the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, Colorado.

Mission, Vision & Values

  • Forest Service Aviation Mission. To provide safe, efficient, and coordinated aviation support for agency operations; to support partnership agreements; and to meet current and future needs through innovation and technology in order to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands.
  • Forest Service Aviation Vision. Lead the world in aviation, supporting natural resources and wildland firefighting.
  • Fire and Aviation Management Core Values. Safety, integrity, treating people with mutual respect, and land stewardship.

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More Information


For more information regarding the Northern Colorado Interagency Helitack, please contact the following:

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