Target Shooting Planning Efforts & Restrictions for Sulphur Ranger District

Current Target Shooting Planning Efforts: No Planning efforts at this time


Public Target Range near the Sulphur Ranger District

Colorado Division of Wildlife has a range located at U.S. Highway 40 near mile post 198 west of the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs. This range is free to the public, on a first come first served basis and open sun-up to sundown. The site is limited to paper targets only. Paper targets and brass must be removed after use.

  • There is a 100 yard handicap area.
  • Trap shooting is allowed, but there is no mechanical thrower
  • Sport rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery

For further information on this public target range, call the Colorado Division of Wildlife at 970-725-6200.

Additional Information:

Remember to follow all shooting regulations and restrictions, and use only approved targets. On the ARP approved targets are: cardboard targets, paper targets, self-healing targets, manufactured metallic targets (metal targets specifically designed for firearms), or manufactured thrown-type clay targets (clay pigeons) No wodden Backing allowed. Please note: exploding targets and tracer bullets are not permitted.



Use  only approved targets named above with a safe backstop.   Make sure not to attach your targets on trees, log decks, slash piles, fences, water tanks, or other improvements.  Be aware of:

  • Other people recreating in the area and take extra precaution to avoid recreators when shooting
  • Livestock in the area and take extra precaution to avoid cattle when shooting

For safety reasons, it is important to disperse yourself while shooting. Have a map of the area, as much of the Forest and Grassland is intermixed with private land. Once confirming you are on National Forest System lands in an area not closed to recreational shooting, confirm you have a safe backstop.

Conditions on the Forest and Grassland can be dry at this time of year. Those who start wildfires may be held responsible for suppression costs. When shooting firearms, please take safety precautions and be mindful that hot projectiles and sparks from ricochets can ignite fires in dry grassy areas and in other dry brushy fuels.

Tracer bullets have been identified as a cause of a fire on the Pawnee National Grassland (see news release). Tracer bullets are illegal on National Forest System lands.