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Roads listed as "Open" or "Closed" are open during summer/fall and closed during winter/spring. Closures can occur during summer if unforeseen changes in conditions occur. Depending upon road conditions, gates east of the Peak-to-Peak Highway open sometime in May, while gates west of the Peak-to-Peak Highway open in June or later. National Forest system roads are not listed in this table do not have a seasonal gate. These routes are not maintained for 2WD passenger vehicles and may not be passable.

ALERT: It is not always possible to post road closures or openings on the day that they occur. Call 303-541-2500 to confirm road status before heading up to your destination. Closed areas are open to foot traffic unless otherwise noted.

The Motor Vehicle Use Map will help ensure that you are on a road authorized for public use. The map is free, differentiates National Forest from other lands, and illustrates where camping is allowed. Motor Vehicle Use Maps are available online and at district offices.

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Gate Location
National Forest System Road (NFSR) Route Numbers
Status Updated April 2, 2021
Beaver Bog
NFSR 507.1E
CLOSED (Private land at the end of this road. Do not trespass.) 
Boulder Wagon Road at Yankee Doodle Lake
NFSR 501
Brainard Lake Road to Brainard Gateway Trailhead parking area
NFSR 112, CR 102
Brainard Lake Seasonal Gateway to Day-Use Parking Area NFSR 112 CLOSED
Bunce School Road near Peaceful Valley Campground
NFSR 115, NFSR 202, NFSR 203
NFSR 505, CR 128J, 116J
Coney Flats, Middle Saint Vrain
NFSR 507, NFSR 114
Kingston Peak Gates
NFSR 353

Lefthand OHV Area

NFSR 286/287/288 and single track 836/837/843 series

CLOSED to all motorized use.

Left Hand Park Reservoir Road (day use only)
NFSR 232
Long Lake/Mitchell Lake Trailhead
NFSR 112 (access from the Brainard Lake Road)
Rainbow Lakes Road
NFSR 298, CR 116
Rollins Pass Road at ¼ mile east of Needles Eye Tunnel
NFSR 149 (12 miles of Rollins Pass Road from CR16 to the closure is open - no winter maintenance)
Rollinsville Road to West Magnolia
NFSR 105 to NFSR 355
Ruby Gulch
NFSR 328
Taylor Mountain
NFSR 330
West Magnolia (first, second, & third gate )
NFSR 355C, NFSR 355T, NFSR 355
West Magnolia South Gate (at NFSR 355/105 intersection)
NFSR 355/105
Winiger Ridge at intersection of CR68 and NFSR 359
NFSR 359 (provides access to the west side of Gross Reservoir)