Byers Peak Wilderness

photo Byers Peak Wilderness


General Information

The Byers Peak Wilderness was established by congress in 1993. It encompasses 8,913 pristine acres in the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests in Grand County. Byers Peak was named after William N. Byers, founder of Colorado’s first newspaper- the Rocky Mountain News. He was also the first mayor of Hot Sulphur Springs.

Byers Peak Wilderness contains a variety of eco-zones from low-lying lodgepole pine forest and riparian drainages to alpine tundra fields of over 12,000 feet in elevation. Along with this variety of vegetation and climate comes a wide variety of flora and fauna. On any given day one can see deer, elk, bear, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, moose, and several species of trout and small rodents. The wilderness also contains two glacial lakes, three major creek drainages and two peaks over 12,500 feet. The highest is Byers Peak with an elevation of 12,804 feet.


For regulations and safety tips for the Byers Peak Wilderness, check the rules and regulation page.