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ANRA Fee Areas

Fee Description | Fee Area Maps

The Arapaho National Recreation Area (ANRA) has in place a fee program that is essential to providing quality facilities and services in high-use recreation areas as legislated by the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act. Most of the fees come directly back to the Sulphur Ranger District and allow us to fund improvements, provide education programs, mitigate hazard trees, and continue to make the ANRA a world-class place to boat, camp, hike, fish, ice fish, view wildlife, snowmobile, horseback ride and hold events.

Fee Description

Purchase of the ANRA annual pass also provides the holder with a subscription to the ANRA newsletter and use of reservoirs, trailheads, boat launches and picnic areas. Passes can be obtained from the Sulphur Ranger District office or from the eleven automatic credit-card fee machines in the ANRA.  Fee stations locations include Arapaho Bay Road near the fee booth, Willow Creek Reservoir, Willow Creek Canal Picnic Area, Stillwater Campground, Green Ridge Boat Ramp and Pine Beach Picnic Area.

All vehicles within ANRA fee areas must display a valid pass. The pass is required for day use for all vehicles (including automobiles, RVs, ATVs, and snowmobiles) and in addition to campground fees for campers. Passes are also required on long-term moored boats (not boats trailered in for short periods, which are covered by automobile passes for the trailering vehicle). 

ANRA fees are covered under valid annual federal interagency passes such as: America the Beautiful Pass, Senior Interagency Pass, Access Interagency Pass etc., which must still be properly displayed on the vehicle dashboard or from a mirror hangtag with the signature side visible to enforcement personnel.

Please visit the Indian Peak Wilderness page for information on how to obtain a Indian Peaks Wilderness backcountry camping permit.

Otherwise, ANRA fees for vehicle passes are as follows:

  • $5/day
  • $10/3 days
  • $15/7 days
  • $30/annual pass (includes ANRA access for up to 4 vehicles, boats, RVs or snowmobiles)
  • $70/annual pass for ANRA and Rocky Mountain National Park (includes ANRA access for up to 4 vehicles, boats, RVs or snowmobiles)

Passes may be purchased at automated machines in most areas of ANRA or at the Sulphur Ranger District office in Granby, CO. 

Fees are also required to use the waters of Shadow Mountain Reservoir and Lake Granby. People staying in a campground must pay the campground fee in addition to ANRA use fee.

The maps below are posted at fee stations, in designated fee areas and at the district office showing where fees will be enforced and not enforced. Please direct comments and questions about this change in enforcement to Reid Armstrong, Public Affairs Specialist, at krarmstrong@fs.fed.usor 970-887-4100 or by mail to PO Box 10, Granby, CO 80446.

ANRA Fee Areas

ANRA Fee Areas Overview

Fee Area

Pine Beach
Fee Area

Overall map of anra with fee areas highlightes Map of hilltop area where fee is required Map of pine beach area where fee is required  

Arapaho Bay
Fee Area

Junco Lake
Fee Area

Rainbow Bay
Fee Area

Map of arapaho bay area where fee is required Map of junco lake area where fee is required Map of Rainbow Bay area where fee is required  

Cutthroat Bay
Fee Area

Meadow Creek Dam
Fee Area

Shadow Mountain Fee Area

Map of cuthroat bay area where fee is required Map of meadow creek dam area where fee is required Map of shadow mountain area where fee is required  

Green Ridge
Fee Area

Meadow Creek
Fee Area

Fee Area

Map of Greenridge with fee areas highlightes Map of meadow creek  rest  area where fee is required Map of Stilwater area where fee is required  

Reservoirs where
fee is required

Monarch Lake
Fee Area

Willow Creek
Fee Area


Shadow Mountain Reservoir

Lake Granby

Please Note:  Boat inspections, decontamination stations and potential ramp closures are in place because of Quagga Mussels.

Map of Monarch Lake area with fee areas highlightes Map of willow creek area where fee is required