Stub Creek Ranger Station and Cabin Rental

Host responsibilities

Volunteer hosts are often the first line of contact for national forest visitors. Hosts represent the Forest Service by providing area recreation informaiton in a friendly, ethical and professional manner.

Hosts may sell books, maps and passes at some locations. This requires good money handling and inventory skills. An electronic cash register may be used for transactions at some locations.

Hosts provide groundskeeping and housekeeping at our sites. Most sites also have one or two public restrooms that need cleaning.

Can you think on your feet?

Our sites are miles away from the main office in Fort Collins. An ability to work independently of on-site supervision is a must.

Our hosts are trained primarily by working with experienced volunteers. There is also a wide variety of reference materials at each location.

Host Program Details

Hosts work four days per week, and are off for three. Preference will be given to hosts that can stay the entire season, but positions lasting more than two months are negotiable.

Depending on where you volunteer, you may be provided with a free RV hookup or housing.

Office work does require walking, standing and bending. Yard work is moderately strenuous.

Stub Creek Ranger Station and Cabin Rental

Site Name: Stub Creek Ranger Station and Cabin Rental
Location: Paved 60 miles on Highway 14, gravel 17 miles on County Road 103, 2.5 hours northwest of Fort Collins
Elevation: 8,400 feet
Housing/Utilities: Free: Two full RV hookups, 50 amp service
Volunteer Commitment: 4 days a week, 2 sets of hosts June-Labor Day OR Labor Day-Columbus Day
Basic Duties: Map sales, Visitor and Guest Information, Cabin cleaning, Grounds keeping, Facility maintenance

For more information contact:

Volunteer Program Coordinator
Canyon Lakes Ranger District
2150 Centre Ave, Building E
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Key Contacts

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