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What is Happening Now

     The Ashley Forest Plan Revision is completing the preliminary draft version of its Proposed Plan and is about to begin a process called Scoping, which is getting public reaction to the plan.  After completion of the preliminary draft of the plan, the proposed plan becomes the Proposed Action.  The proposed action is used as the basis for the next step in the revision process, which is NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act).  NEPA begins with scoping, followed by the production of a Draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement).  The proposed plan will be used to develop Preferred Alternatives for NEPA analysis.

     Scoping, called that because it is considered getting to the “scope” of the issue, is scheduled to begin in March, 2019 (delayed from January due to the partial government shutdown).  The public will be informed of the start of scoping through the release of a Notice of Intent.  Scoping itself is expected to last 60 days.  As previously stated, scoping will be followed by initial production of the draft EIS.  The EIS is expected to take about two years to complete.  The Ashley National Forest invites public involvement throughout the process.  You can comment to the Ashley at any time, and we will inform you of timeframes when we are officially seeking comment.


How to Stay Informed:

As public participation opportunities are scheduled, announcements will be made via newspaper, radio, updates to this web site, Facebook, and email notices to those who are on our mailing list.  To be added to the mailing list, please click the "Subscribe for Updates" or the "Forest Plan Revision Email List" tab above (above-right), or drop by any Ashley National Forest office.  Offices are located in Duchesne, Vernal and Manila, Utah.  Please be sure to indicate whether you prefer to receive information via email or standard (paper) mail.

The Ashley National Forest is committed to making this an open and transparent process.  We invite you to participate in the entire Forest Plan Revision process so that you can help guide future management activities on the Ashley National Forest.

Providing Comments or for More Information:

You may provide comments or contact the Forest Service Planning Team in any of the following ways:

  • The preferred method to comment is online at our comment system here.
  • By standard mail: Ashley National Forest, Attention: Forest Plan Revision, 355 North Vernal Avenue, Vernal, UT 84078-1703
  • By email:
  • By phone: (435) 781-5118


Helpful links:

2018 Highlights

Forest Revision Plan Wording/Style Guide

Forest Revision Plan Government Guide

Preliminary Need for Change. The Ashley National Forest produced an Assessment Report in 2017 that indicates items that need management direction changes (for short, we call them Needs for Change).  These areas have become the focus for the Plan Development, in which we are currently working.   We will seek public input on these items in early 2019.  Please watch the website for upcoming dates of these events.


Hot-Topic Workshop Opportunities

Sillouetts of a table and two people sitting in chairsHot Topics Workshops – The Ashley National Forest produces Hot Topics Workshops in areas of interest to the public.  The goal of the workshops is to bring together the public with knowledgeable academic and Forest Service staff, to identify desired conditions (current and future) for these topics.  We try to resolve issues and create a tomorrow that helps both the Ashley and the community.  Any workshop that becomes scheduled in 2019 will be announced through this Webpage, Facebook, email (if you request to be on the list), radio and newspaper.

Previous Workshops (2018)

Hot-topic Workshop #1 – Forest Economies of the future…an the Ashley National Forest

This workshop focused on:

  • Reviewing the history and trends of wood product supply and use, and how this affects rural economies in and around Utah, from in-state experts
  • Exploring challenges and opportunities for future availability of wood products
  • Weighing in on what kind of wood product economies people would like to see in the future
  • AND Helping shape Ashley forest management over the next 15-20 years with the revision of the Forest Plan which, addresses wood product supply and use into the future.

View a summary of this workshop here.

Hot-topic Workshop #2 – Rangeland Health in the Future on the Ashley National Forest

This workshop focused on:

  • Learn about the decisions forest plans make that influence the location and extent to which rangeland uses can occur, and how current and future rangeland conditions may affect overall rangeland productivity and uses in the area.
  • Explore challenges and opportunities for future rangeland health and uses
  • Weigh in on what kind of rangeland conditions you'd like to see supported.
  • Help Shape Ashley forest management over the next 15-20 years with the revision of the Forest Plan which, addresses rangeland health and management into the future.

View this workshop presentation slides.

View a summary of this workshop here.

Hot-topic Workshop #3 – The Future of Water and Fisheries on the Ashley National Forest

This workshop will focus on:

  • Identify decisions that our Forest Plan will make on both water and aquatic habitat.
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities for water quality, aquatic habitat and fisheries.
  • Look to the future and help develop goals to ensure we sustain healthy watershed conditions and provide clean water.

Timeline for the Ashley National Forest plan revision process


Past Public Meetings of the Assessment

View Recorded Meeting Here


Key Contacts

Cathleen Neelan, Forest Plan Revision Team Leader