Heritage Newsletters

The Ashley Heritage Times is an annual digest of Ashley Heritage events and adventures, written by the Heritage crew and volunteers who take part in our activities. The articles in each issue range from serious to light-hearted, and may be factual, semi-factual, or poetic.

Ashley Heritage Times

Spring 2004 (19 pages)

Photo of PIT group.Contents:

Byron's Little Helpers; A Week in the Life of an Ashley National Forest Intern...; BLM Surveys; The Brown's Park PIT Project and the Wereduck; Windy Night on Goslin Mountain; The Goddess and the Perky Intern; Ute Tower PIT Project 2003; Swett Ranch PIT; The RMAC Heart Attack; and Bison in the High Country.

Spring 2003 (14 pages)

Unloading the truck.Contents:

Deadman Lake Survivor; The Fort Thornburgh Project(s); Christmas in July and other Narratives of Vernal; Anthro Mountain Excavation; Heritage and the BAER; Tiffany Gets Marred; Historical Research - Behind the Scenes;  Swetting, Chinking, and Daubing; Great Basin Conference; and Heritage Publication Completed.

Spring 2002 (17 pages)

Photo of group.Contents:

The Brush Creek Five; Swett Cabin Excavation; Beyond the Realm of the Ford Explorer; Reeves PIT or 42Da1005; The Ashley N. F. PIT Song ; Deadmans Lake; A Path Through the Uintas; Browne Lake Survey; It All Started With Culturally Scarred Trees; Another Southwest Trip; Swett Ranch Cow Barn Restoration; A Canadian Rocky; Hand and PAWS; and A Divine Wind.

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