Swett Ranch Homestead: Two-Room Cabin

In response to the family growth, this cabin was built in 1919 and used as the main living quarters until the modern house was built in 1929. In 1948, the cabin was remodeled. Sometime during the 1950-1960s the Swetts repaired the foundation. They numbered the logs, dismantled the cabin and then rebuilt it. As you may notice while visiting the cabin, both entrances were originally on the south side. After moving into the main house, one room in this cabin was used as storage. The entrance was moved to the west side so that it was closer to the kitchen of the main house. The other room in the cabin was used as a bunkhouse for the single men.

 Photo showing the present day view of the exterior of the two-room cabin.

 Present day view of the
exterior of the two-room cabin.