Swett Ranch Homestead: First Blacksmith Shop

In 1920, Oscar purchased his first blacksmithing equipment and needed a place to set it up. He hurriedly threw up the shop using lumber cut from his sawmill. It is for this reason that the structure is missing a chimney, essential to a blacksmith’s forge. To compensate for this Oscar constructed an angled roof with gaps between the roof boards so that smoke could escape. The north side of the roof had cover boards over the gaps. The window glass is actually the windshield from an old Hudson Super Six automobile. To help preserve the structure, the Forest Service replaced the roof with the help of Passport in Time volunteers in 2004.

 Photo of the blacksmith shop taken in 1971.  Photo of the blacksmith shop after the roof was replaced in 2004.

Blacksmith shop in 1971.

Blacksmith shop after roof was replaced by PIT volunteers in 2004.