Prehistory Site Reports

WARNING - Federal Law prohibits unauthorized artifact collecting and excavations. There are serious criminal and civil penalties. To participate in an authorized, scientific survey or excavation (and at the same time contribute to our knowledge of earlier human activity on the Ashley) look into Internship or Volunteer Opportunities.

The site reports below describe some of the careful, scientific excavations performed by Ashley Heritage folks and volunteers, and what we learned from them. What doesn’t get into the reports is the sweat, the camaraderie, the learning experiences…the friendships developed.

  • Upper Little Hole Site: 42Da1094. Excavation report for a site containing Fremont era roasting pits and use areas located on a terrace along the Green River in Little Hole [PDF, 22 pages, 581KB]
    Alissa Leavitt, Mark Estes and Byron Loosle
    September 26, 2007
  • 42Da1312: Mann's Bench. A Fremont era lithic reduction site on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains [PDF, 23 pages, 656KB]
    Byron Loosle
    February 12, 2007
  • 42Dc316 [PDF, 15 pages, 270KB]
    Derek A. Stertz and Bryon Loosle
    March 3, 2006
  • 42Dc1211 [PDF, 17 pages, 581KB]
    Byron Loosle
    November 21, 2005
  • 42Dc1210 [PDF, 5 pages, 197KB]
    Mark Estes and Byron Loosle
    January 23, 2006
  • 42Dc317 - Gilsonite Ridge Rockshelter [PDF, 8 pages, 410KB]
    Melissa Murphy and Byron Loosle
    January 19, 2006
  • McConkie Ranch [PDF, 16 pages, 76KB]
    McConkie Ranch and Volunteer Archaeology
    Byron Loosle—Ashley National Forest, Nate Horton—Utah Valley Chapter USAS, May 2000
  • View north towards Uinta Basin Anthro Mountain: 42DC1424 Anthro Mountain [PDF, 23 pages, 1.48MB]
    Anthro Mountain: 42Dc1424
    Byron Loosle and Mark Estes, December 15, 2004
  • Finch Draw [PDF, 41 pages, 3.6MB]
    Preliminary Results of Test Investigations at the Finch Draw Rockshelter Site, 42Da1269, on the Ashley National Forest
    Alissa Leavitt, Weber State University, 2004
  • Fort Thornburgh (preliminary report) [PDF, 9 pages, 216KB]
    Fort Thornburgh Project: Field Investigations at the Possible Site of Fort Thornburgh 1882-1884
    Byron Loosle and Clay Johnson
  • Post Trader's List [PDF, 16 pages, 1.2MB]
    Reconstructed Post Trader’s List, Fort Thornburgh, October 17th 1881
    Deciphered by Angie Goodrich, February, 2003
  • Cultural Resource Management on Public Lands [PDF, 11 pages, 67KB]
    Cultural Resource Management on Public Lands: A Public Emphasis for a Changing Industry
    D. Andrew Stertz, Ashley National Forest