What is a noxious weed?

Noxious Weed Welcome sign.The State and Federal Departments of Agriculture decide which plants to list as noxious. The Utah Noxious Weed Act requires all landowners to control noxious weed infestations on their property and prevent noxious weeds from spreading off of their property.

How can I help?

Be a good Steward of the land. Clean machinery, cars, trucks, and recreation vehicles that have been in infested areas before entering the Forest or noncontaminated sites. Use only weed free hay.

How do you identify a noxious weed?

It is important to know what plants to look for. There are a few identifying characteristics that can be used to recognize noxious weeds. These outlaws are described on their wanted posters.

What do I do if I find a noxious weed?

If you see one of these outlaws please contact a member of the Ashley National Forest weeds team. Make a mental note of the location, a GPS coordinate or a photo is extremely helpful. A member of our team will gun down the aggressor and they will document and map the altercation.

Where Can I Find Certified Weed Free Hay?

All of the livestock feed that is brought onto public lands must be certified weed free!!!

Goals: It is our goal to prevent the infestation of noxious weeds on the Ashley National Forest. We know that we cannot stop all weed infestations so we would like to locate all contaminated sites and treat, document, and map these sites so that we can monitor the Infestation and impede any further contamination. We would like to include you in our efforts.

Noxious weed contact us graphic. Ashley National Forest Weeds Team

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