Spotted Knapweed

Photo of a spotted knapweed.(a.k.a. Centaurea maculosa and their similar kin - Russian, diffuse, squarrose knapweed)

Distinguishing Features

  • Reaches almost 3 feet in height
  • Maintains a flowering stalk as it matures
  • Dark spots visible on flower buds and heads
  • Flowers are pink to purple, sometimes white
  • Leaves are short, narrow and covered with fine hair; small and divided at the base of the plant; in small clusters close to the ground during its first year
  • Choking & the deliberate takeover of native plants
  • Stealing lands, homes & food from wildlife
  • Corrupting & invading open lands, roadsides & recreation areas
  • Costing a bundle for taxpayers to control
  • Wreaking havoc & mayhem on innocent, unsuspecting ecosystems

Join the Invasive Weed Patrol

  • Help stop the spread of this weedy, seedy, desperado
  • Report any sightings to local land managers or rangers
  • Remove all weed seeds from clothing, shoes, pets, camping gear & tire treads

Your Reward

  • Healthy Ecosystems on Your Public Lands