Bear Activity Causes Temporary Closure of Brownie Lake Campground

Contact(s): Donald Jaques at 435-781-5119

Manila, Utah … The Brownie Lake Campground on the Flaming Gorge Ranger District is temporarily closed due to a nuisance bear in the area.  The Ashley National Forest has received reports of the bear visiting campsites and demonstrating aggressive behavior. 

The Forest has coordinated with the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources and a live trap will be set in the campground area. 

The campground will remain closed while trapping efforts are completed.

The Forest Service reminds visitors to be conscious of potential bear activity while visiting the National Forest.  Bears are attracted to campsites where food is not properly stored or disposed of.  Please be “bear aware” and store your food out of reach after each use.

If you’re lucky enough to see a black bear, here are some steps to take if the bear acts aggressively (which is very rare):

  • Raise your arms to make yourself appear bigger.
  • Make a lot of noise (which may come naturally, if youare terrified of bears)! Making noise will usually scare a curious bear away.
  • Avoid direct eye contact, and back away from the bear slowly. Don’t run.  Running may trigger a predator/prey reaction in the bear that will cause it to chase you.

While this should never happen to you, if a black bear does attack you, fight back! Do not play dead with a black bear. 

Many hikers like to carry pepper spray with them as a safety precaution. You can also protect yourself with a firearm, but you may not shoot at a bear unless it’s acting aggressively. Shooting a bear for the simple fact that you’re afraid of bears is against the law.