Fire Prevention

Campfires- Unattended campfires are the number 1 cause of human caused wildfires on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.

 Here are some tips on how to properly extinguish your campfire:

  1. If possible, allow your campfire to burn out completely – to ashes.
  2. Drown the campfire ashes with lots of water.
  3. Use a shovel to stir the ashes and water into a “mud pie.” Be sure to scrape around the edges of the fire to get all the ashes mixed in.
  4. Drown the ashes with water again.
  5. Check that your campfire is cold before leaving. Hold your bare hand just above the wet ashes, especially around the edges of the fire. DO NOT touch the ashes or you might burn yourself.
  6. If you feel heat, stir more water into the ashes.

Smoking - Smoldering cigarettes can start fires hours after being dropped or thrown away. Never toss cigarettes out of cars.

Fireworks - Fireworks are not allowed anywhere on the National Forest. Call 911 if you see anyone lighting fireworks in the forest.

Vehicles - Parking in tall grass or shrubs can start fires because the hot catalytic converter comes in contact with the dry plant materials. Dry, windy conditions can turn smoldering grass into a wall of flames. Don't park where vegetation is touching the underside of your vehicle. Motorcycles and ATV's must have approved working spark arresters.

How should I prepare for fire danger while recreating on the national forest?

When planning to recreate on the national forest, check on the weather, fire conditions of the area, and ask about any special restrictions that may apply to your trip. Keep an eye on all horizons during the day. Should you see smoke, watch to see if it is getting bigger. If so, retreat or otherwise turn away from the direction the fire appears to be traveling.

Smokey Bear - Fire Prevention Song