National Bike Month - May

May is Bike Month


May is National Bike Month. With an abundance of bike trails across a variety of terrain, bikers will find many trails to match their skill level. Now that the weather is nice, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy the biking trails on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The following trails are highly recommended.

Los Burros Bike Trail

Los Burros Trail

Best Overall Loop: Los Burros, as accessed from the Los Burros Campground off of the Mcnary side of the Vernon-Mcnary Road. It’s give or take not quite 14 miles and covers a mixture of aspen, grassland, ponderosa and mixed-conifer forest. Elevation roughly 7800’ – 8800’ across the loop. Certainly has the best downhill sections of trail on the district at present and a mixture of terrain. Stays relatively cool most of the year as it wraps around the high country on the Lakeside – Springerville District border.

Panorama trail - 4


Another Really Good Option: The Land of the Pioneers Loop, accessed from the Vernon end of the Vernon-Mcnary Road. This loop gets almost no traffic (I’ve ridden it 6 times and climbed Wolf Mountain from it last weekend and I’ve seen precisely 2 other people). It’s about 9 miles and runs along some of the better topography we have on the district, with Wolf Mountain on the south end of the trail being one of the more prominent points on the district. You also get to climb Ecks Mountain and there’s a great, but short, descent ride off of that. Part of the trail goes on old level 2 road, but it goes through some old homestead sites which is pretty interesting.


Panorama Trail Map

Panorama loop

Options Closer to Town: Closer to Lakeside / Showlow, we have the Panorama Loop and a couple of connectors off of that, both of which can combine for loops of varying lengths.


Panorama trail - 5


Short Options: Both the Country Club trail and Springs trail are good short options (4 miles or less, roughly), but likely to see much more traffic than the longer loops. Springs is kind of rocky on a bike but there’s water, something of a novelty on the Lakeside District.


Panorama Trail - 1


The following trails are highly recommended.

  • Los Burros Trail
  • Land of the Pioneers Trail
  • Panorama Trail
  • Country Club Trail
  • Springs Trail

For more information about the above trails and more on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, please visit:

Photos above are part of the Panorama Trail on the Lakeside Ranger District on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests