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Rapid Assessment of New Mexico Jumping Mouse

This particular assessment was not to locate New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mice but focused on determining the presence or absence of the mouse’s habitat. It determined if vital components including, tall dense leafy vegetation were present within these areas.

The Rapid Assessment team consisted of Forest Service wildlife and range personnel, a permittee and individuals from the University of Arizona Extension (U of A). Forest Service wildlife employees included Jered Garvin, Zach Foster, Loren LeSueur, Will Kriesel, Karen Lowry, Dakota Lovelace, Sydney Brown, Mike Finley, Phil Dobesh and Linda White-Trifaro. Participants from the Forest Service range department were Ron Mortensen, Mark Willis, Curtis Chee, Dave Evans, Justin Poulter, and Jeremiah Burnett. Helping out from the U of A were George Ruyle, Sarah Noelle, and Rachel (?). Also an allotment permittee, Wink Crigler donated her time to assist with the study.

From August 3 - September 15, 2015, the team surveyed about 33.5 miles of stream course. The assessed streams encompassed Boggy Creek, Nutrioso Creek, the San Francisco River, East and West Fork Black River, and East and West Fork Little Colorado River.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who contributed to the successful completion of the “Rapid Assessment of New Mexico Jumping Mouse” in these areas. This fast track assessment gave U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service the information they need to help determine if “Elements of Critical” Habitat exist in the proposed areas.

New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Rapid Assessment Vegetation Measurement

New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse Rapid Assessment Vegetation Measurement