About Our New Website

A new look ~ but that's not all!

Our new website is part of a Forest Service-wide effort to move all National Forest websites into this new format.  It's a big project! 

When the move is done, National Forest websites across the country will have a common look and feel as well as organization.  This consistency will make it easier for you to find what you're looking for as you travel from one Forest website to the next.  Plus, the technology behind the websites will increase our ability to grow our sites to meet your information needs.

Even though we are now "live" in the new Forest Service website, we are still moving content from our big old site into this big new website. We've tried to tune our continuing migration work to match your needs.

Where did it go?

Having trouble finding your favorite section or page? Here are a couple tips to help:

  • Use the Search. We now have a great Google search for this site
  • Take a look at the Site Map (upper left corner right under the Search box). It shows the contents of our site in outline format
  • It could be that we are still migrating that content.

Please let us know how this site is working for you and if there is content you're looking for and can't find. It will help us prioritize our move as well as our future web development efforts to know just what you are looking for.