Heber Wild Horse Territory

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Next Steps of the Planning Process

  1. The draft proposed action for development of the Heber Wild Horse Territory Management Plan will be sent to people and organizations who have indicated an interest in the NEPA planning process.  This public scoping process solicits comments on the proposal. Once the Forest Service receives public comments, we will incorporate them into the proposal and its analysis where possible.  Substantive issues may also result in development of additional alternatives for analysis, as appropriate.
  2. The Forest Service will prepare an environmental assessment (EA) in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act and other relevant Federal and State laws and regulations. 
  3. Once the environmental assessment is prepared, The Forest Service will make the EA available for public review and allow another comment period.
  4. The Forest Service will incorporate any needed changes identified during the comment period and prepare a draft decision notice based on the analysis.  The draft decision notice and environmental assessment will be made available to those who commented during the comment period.  This will initiate the objection period.

    NOTE:  This analysis is being completed under the Forest Service project-level predecisional administrative review process (36 CFR Part 218).  Only individuals or entities (as defined in 218.2) who have submitted timely, specific, written comments during any designated opportunity for public comment may file an objection (218.5).

  5. After the objection period has ended, a final decision notice will be issued. 
  6. Once the decision notice is completed, a territory management plan will be developed for the Heber Wild Horse Territory.