Prescribed fires planned on Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests

Release Date: Sep 20, 2023

Fire crews preparing for fall and winter projects

SPRINGERVILLE, Ariz. – Sept. 20, 2023 – Fire managers and district rangers on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests are looking for appropriate conditions to continue to conduct prescribed fires during the fall and winter months.

Escalating wildfire danger is threatening millions of acres and numerous communities across the United States. To address this problem, the 10-year Wildfire Crisis Strategy was initiated in 2022 to treat up to an additional 20 million acres of National Forest System lands and an additional 30 million acres of other federal, state, tribal, and private lands. Our land management strategy is centered on long-term forest health, including reducing forest fuels and using prescribed fire on the landscape.

The potential timing for our prescribed fires to be safely implemented is between September and December. Crews are assessing current weather conditions to make determinations on whether they are appropriate for prescribed fire activity. Individual news releases for each prescribed fire will be distributed in advance and as fire managers and district rangers narrow down the date for ignitions for each prescribed fire based upon onsite conditions. If fuel moisture, temperature, wind, or humidity are not within the burn plan prescription, the project will be canceled.

The list of potential projects follows:

Ranger District: Alpine Ranger District

  • WE Little RX (2,445 acres) – 1 mile east of Alpine and north of Luna Lake

  • Nutri 2 RX (1,159 acres) – 4.5 miles southwest of Nutrioso

  • Alpine District Piles – ELC (2,500 acres) – 6.5 miles north of Alpine

Ranger District: Black Mesa Ranger District

  • Carr Lake/Alder (2,145 acres) – 8 miles west of Forest Lakes

  • Pierce (3,044 acres) – 2 miles south of Heber-Overgaard

  • Fulton (1,738 acres) – 4 miles west of Forest Lakes

  • Sinkhole (875 acres) – 4 miles west of Forest Lakes

Ranger District: Clifton Ranger District

  • EEMS Phase 1 Block C (12,008 acres) – Southwest of Blue Vista Overlook

Ranger District: Springerville Ranger District

  • Whiting Rx (1,980 acres) – 4 miles north of Greens Peak

  • Wallow West Rx Unit 3 (4,782 acres) – 2 miles southeast of Greer

  • Pole Knoll Rx (2,020 acres) – 2 miles northwest of Greer

Ranger District: Lakeside Ranger District

  • Doyle (368 acres) – 1 mile southwest of Vernon

  • Dipping Vat (1,209 acres) – 1 mile southwest of Vernon

  • Mud Springs (1,829 acres) – 1 mile southwest of Vernon

  • Ortega (1,900 acres) – 1 mile southwest of Vernon

  • 260 (696 acres) – 1 mile west of Linden

  • Bear (1,321 acres) – 2 miles south of Pinedale

  • Red Head Marsh/Bosque Mojado (50 acres) – 3 miles north of Show Low

All prescribed fires planned and implemented on the A-S will incorporate the guidance in the Forest Service Chief’s National Prescribed Fire Program Review, including using the most recent science and modeling, ensuring contingency resources are more readily available, integrating drought monitoring, increasing patrols, and completing a daily go/ no-go evaluation of conditions. A final decision on whether to proceed with a specific prescribed fire will depend on agency administrator approval, resource availability, fuel moisture levels, air quality and forecast weather. Prescribed fires are designed to meet specific objectives and are always managed with firefighter and public safety as the priority.

Prescribed fires are an effective tool for restoring fire-dependent ecosystems and reducing the risk of high-severity wildfires. Fire managers use prescribed fire to improve forest health, remove hazardous fuels, increase firefighter safety, enhance wildlife habitat, and protect communities and watersheds.

Air quality information is available at

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Map of projects