Alpine Ranger District burning slash piles

The Alpine Ranger District on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests is planning to burn slash piles throughout the week starting February 21. The district plans to burn multiple units, one of the units is north of Auger Canyon in Nutrioso, south of Arizona State Highway 180/191, and along County Road 81, totaling 107 acres. The other five units are south and east of Nutrioso, along both sides of Arizona State Highway 180/191, totaling approximately 90 acres.

Ignitions will occur throughout the morning to minimize the adverse effects of smoke on the local communities. Smoke may be visible from Nutrioso and Alpine, along portions of Arizona State Highway 180/191, and portions of County Road 81. Motorists are advised to drive safely as smoke may limit visibility.

All prescribed burns are approved through the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) before ignition begins. The ADEQ monitors air quality and determines whether or not it will be a good day for smoke dispersion. Although smoke from prescribed fire can still be noticeable, it is usually for a shorter time and considerably less smoke than wildfires produce. If you are sensitive to smoke or have respiratory problems, stay indoors if possible.

Pile burning allows land managers to reduce forest fuels and provide communities with increased protection from future wildfires.

Questions or concerns contact the Alpine Ranger District at 928-339-5000 or visit the ASNFs website at:


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