Snow Predicted on the Black Mesa Ranger District


Springerville, AZ – November 25, 2019 - Snow is predicted to arrive on the Mogollon Rim the week of November 25, to December 1, 2019 which may leave many forest roads impassable and prompting a temporary winter closure of the Rim Lakes Recreation Area on the Black Mesa Ranger District. 

Roads affected by this closure include Forest Road (FR) 300/Rim Road at State Highway 260 west to the Coconino NF/Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests boundary, FR 34 south of Dutch Joe, FR 34/70A junction, FR 120 north of Dutch Joe, FR 169 north of FR100/119 road, FR 225/34 junction, FR 70/63 junction, FR 181, FR 149 to Willow Springs Lake, and FR 171 including the Mogollon Rim Visitor Center parking lot.

To provide for public safety the Rim Top Trailhead at the junction of Forest Road 300 and State Highway 260 will be closed. There is no parking permitted along State Highway 260. Parking along the highway is dangerous and violators will be ticketed.  Parking along the FR (512) Young Road is also discouraged due to public safety concerns.

The area south of Highway 260 will be open for travel but not for Christmas tree cutting.  County Road 504, cutting area 1b, and County Road 916, cutting area 1c, located on the map included with your Christmas tree permit, will remain open for travel and Christmas tree cutting.

While most areas remain open, traveling on forest roads is not advised during the winter and is at your own risk. When exploring the forest in winter don’t overestimate the ability of your vehicle. If a road looks impassable, it likely is.  If you find you are leaving ruts in the road, please reevaluate your need to enter the forest.  Visitors found causing ruts or other damage to forest roads are subject to fines for resource damage and are responsible for any costs incurred if they need a tow truck to pull their vehicle back on solid ground.  No extraordinary measures will be taken to help remove personal vehicles and equipment that become stuck on snowy forest roads.  If you must venture into the forest, four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended and always carry tire chains, extra clothing, blankets, food, water, and a cell phone. Remember, to tell friends and family which roads you plan to travel and when you expect to be home. Plan Ahead and be safe.

For the latest information go to or or call 5-1-1 to reach Arizona Department of Transportation’s Traveler Information Center. For questions please contact the Black Mesa Ranger District at 928-535-7300 or visit our website at

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