Recreation Fees

The vast majority of areas and activities in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest are free to enjoy by members of the public. However, there are some fees for recreational sites and activities such as campgrounds, cabin rentals and recreational vehicle amenities. Individuals or groups receive direct benefits from sites that require these expanded fees.


For detailed information on fees associated with any Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest recreational site or activity, please visit the Recreation area and locate the specific site or activity of interest.


Group Use Permits

Group Camping

Large groups wishing to camp in a dispersed area, not within developed campgrounds, need to obtain information regarding appropriate areas for group camping. These large groups must obtain a free special use permit. While these permits do not reserve a specific area for exclusive use, they do help forest staff separate groups at heavy use times.  For more information, contact the local Ranger District.

Weddings in the Forest

There are many areas suitable for wedding within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.  A free special use permit must be obtained for weddings that will have an attendance of more than a few people.  A special use permit does not exclusively reserve the site, therefore the public will continue to be free to come and go as usual.  Contact the local Ranger District for help in choosing appropriate sites that can accommodate your group.