Campground Concession Special Use Permit Application Period

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests is seeking proposals for two campground concession Special Use Permits (SUP) for numerous campgrounds and recreation areas on the Forest. Two permits to provide high-quality public services in the operation and maintenance of government-owned recreation facilities will be issued. The concession prospectus is being advertised as two complexes and includes the following sites located on the Alpine, Black Mesa, and Springerville, Ranger Districts

White Mountain Complex

Alpine Ranger District: (Luna Lake Complex: Alpine Divide Campground and Luna Lake Campground). East Fork Black River Complex: (Aspen Campground, Buffalo Crossing Campground, Deer Creek Campground, Diamond Rock Campground, Horse Springs Campground, and Raccoon Campground).

Springerville Ranger District: (Big Lake Complex: Apache-Trout Campground, Big Lake Campground, Big Lake Dump Station, Big Lake Garbage Station, Big Lake Marina, Big Lake Showers, Brookchar Campground, Cutthroat Campground, Grayling Campground, and Rainbow Campground. Greer Complex: Benny Creek Campground, Rolfe. C Hoyer Campground and Winn Campground).

Rim Lakes Complex

Black Mesa Ranger District: (Aspen Campground, Black Canyon Rim Campground, Canyon Point Campground, Canyon Point Dump Station, Canyon Point Showers, d, Crook Campground, Gentry Campground, Mogollon Campground, Rim Campground, Rocky Point Picnic Site, Sinkhole Campground, Spillway Campground, Spillway Day Use / Picnic, Spillway Group Campground, Woods Canyon Dump Station,  Woods Canyon Amphitheater, and Woods Canyon Group Campground).

Submitting your Application

Prospective applicants can find details about the application process by reviewing the prospectus documents linked on this page or by contacting Debbie Roznovak at or by calling (928)535-7300 for questions about the Rim Lakes Complex or Andrew Maher at or by calling (928)333-6200 for questions about the White Mountain Complex.

Applicants must submit the required processing fee and business plan evaluation fee with their application.  The selected applicant may be responsible for the costs of preparing and issuing the permit.  Additionally, the selected applicant(s) will be required to undergo a Financial Ability Determination (FAD) unless the Forest Service has conducted a FAD for the applicant within the past year.

Facility Tour

The Forest will lead a facility tour on June 8 for The Rim Lakes Complex and June 9 for The White Mountain Complex. Interested parties must RSVP to Debbie Roznovak at for the tour on June 8 and Andrew Maher at for the tour on June 9. 

Submission Form and Date

All applications must be submitted on paper and received by the Forest no later than 5:00 p.m. MST on June 30, 2021. Please mail the completed proposals to the Attention of Paul Hancock, GIS, Heritage, Recreation, Lands and Minerals Staff Officer: PO BOX 640 Springerville, AZ 85938.