White Mountain Stewardship Monitoring Board

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests and the White Mountain Stewardship Project's Multi-Party Monitoring Board are pleased to share with stakeholders this report entitled "Evaluating the Impacts of Forest Treatments: The First Five Years of the White Mountain Stewardship Project." The White Mountain Stewardship Project is the first and only 10-year stewardship contract in the nation, and is designed to restore forest health, reduce the risk of wildfire to communities, reduce the cost of forest thinning to taxpayers, support local economies and encourage new wood product industries and uses for the thinned wood fiber. This report is an analysis and assessment of the administrative, ecological, economic, and social monitoring data collected between 2005 and 2009. The development of this report was made possible through a partnership between the Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy.

Regional Office 2010 Review Cover Letter (PDF, 24 kb)

2010 White Mountain Stewardship Review Report (PDF, 2.5 MB)

Evaluating the Impacts of Forest Treatments: The First Five Years of the White Mountain Stewardship Project    (PDF, 8.2 MB)

The First Five Years of the White Mountain Stewardship Project.— Executive Summary    (PDF, 2.7 KB)


The federal Stewardship Contract language requires the U.S. Forest Service to convene a Multi-Party Monitoring (MPM) Board to recommend monitoring activities that assess the ecological, economic, and social impacts of the contract. The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests initiated this board upon the finalization of the contract in 2004. The monitoring board is composed of over a dozen members from across the geographic area of the forests, and includes representation or interests in local, county, and state government and various resource and business individuals and organizations. This collaboration with stakeholders fosters understanding of the myriad of impacts from this Contract and provides a communication feedback loop to the Forest Service, resulting in better forest management. It also affords an opportunity to monitor landscape-level issues not covered in project-level monitoring. A certain sum of money is allocated for monitoring each year, and the board allocates money for specific monitoring projects. They will recommend ways to accomplish these monitoring activities and also provide feedback for future projects. This allows the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests to incorporate adaptive management over the life of this 10-year project.

Multi-Party Monitoring Board Membership


Don Berry, Current Chair
Jerry Brownlow
Steve Campbell
Dave Dorum
Bruce Greco
Bill Greenwood
Taylor Mckinnon
Dustin Sanders
Len Schlesinger
Steve Sims
Sue Sitko
Lonnie Splawn
Larry Stephenson
Lorna Thurman
Bob Vahle
Liz Wise


Interested citizen
Navajo County Board of Supervisors
U of A Cooperative Extension
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Ecological Restoration Institute
Town of Eagar
Center for Biological Diversity
Eagar Town Council / Sessions Realty
Apache NRCD
CG Homes, Inc.
The Nature Conservancy
Apache County Community Wildfire Plan
Eastern Arizona Counties Organization
Life in the Forest
Arizona Wildlife Federation
White Mountain Conservation League

Ecological Monitoring Reports Economic Monitoring Reports
Social Monitoring Reports Other Publications
and Reports

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests staff members participating in Board activities include Bob Taylor, Resources Staff Officer; and Forests Supervisor Mr. Chris Knopp.

To contact the Multi-Party Monitoring Board with questions, please e-mail or telephone:

Robert Taylor, Resources Staff Officer:   roberttaylor@fs.fed.us   928-333-4301