Land & Resources Management Overview

Photo of a field of flowers and in the background are mountains. Blue sky over all.Forest Planning: This section contains Forest-scale planning documents including the Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) which establishes the primary management direction for the entire forest. All projects and activities must be consistent with the Forest Plan. Additionally Wilderness Study Area assessments and watershed assessments are also contained here.

NEPA Projects: Projects are proposed actions analyzed through the NEPA process (environmental impact statements, (EISs), environmental assessments, EAs), or categorical exclusions, (CEs) and result in a record of decision (ROD), decision notice (DN), or decision memo (DM), before they are ultimately implemented. You'll find the projects listed with project information and a contact person for each project.

Sapphire and West Pioneer Wilderness Study Areas: This section contains the Report and Draft EIS for the Blue Joint and Sapphire Wilderness Study Areas and the Proposal and Report for the Mount Henry, Taylor-Hilgard and West Pioneer Montana Wilderness Study Areas. Additional documents specific to the Sapphire and West Pioneer WSAs only are posted along with the studies. 

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