Snowmobile Safety

Be Physically Fit

Remember that human efficiency declines in cold weather. Top physical condition may be required to walk out if equipment fails.

Have Good Equipment

Know how to make repairs; carry an emergency repair kit. Have enough gas, with some to spare. Carry snowshoes or skis.

Plan Your Trip

Know where you’re going and stick to it. Inform a responsible person of your planned route and when you’ll return. Use registration boards where provided.

Check the Weather Forecast

Don’t travel in a storm. Turn back if the weather turns bad. If visibility is reduced or area is unfamiliar, follow your tracks back out.

Stay on Safe Routes

Avoid avalanche terrain. Avoid thin ice or unsafe river crossings.

Carry a Survival Kit

Equip snowmobile with survival material. Review publications on winter survival. Carry matches (waterproof), hatchet, plastic sheet (9’x12’), first aid kit, spare food pack, snowshoes or skis.

If Lost or Equipment Fails

  • Keep calm – think, decide a plan.
  • Trust your compass.
  • Backtrack, if possible.
  • If not possible, remain in place.
  • Don’t separate if with a party.
  • Don’t abandon your snowshoes or skis.
  • Build a fire and shelter – Stay warm.
  • Mark your base camp.