Racetrack Road Temporarily Closed for Public Travel

Contact(s): Leona Rodreick, Cameron Rasor

The Pintler Ranger District will temporarily close Racetrack Road (#169) to all vehicle traffic July 25 through July 30.

This popular road has been closed to full sized vehicles after high water flows from rains in June 2017 washed out a short segment.  Flood waters eroded the slope and caused substantial damage reducing the road by more than half its original width.  The washout occurred approximately two miles west of Racetrack Campground.  Once the repair work is completed, the road will be opened to full sized vehicle travel into the scenic area for all types of recreation.  Racetrack cabin will not be available for rental until July 31. 

The road work will utilize large rock found on site to create a riprap wall with large bank barbs and vanes incorporated into the structure which will reduce flow of sediment downstream into high quality fish habitat while maintaining natural stream function.

For additional information contact the Pintler Ranger District at (406) 859-3211.