Forest Visitors Advised to be Careful in the Lowland Area

Contact(s): Leona Rodreick

Recent spring weather has given many people the itch to get outdoors and enjoy the backcountry surrounding the Butte area. However, officials at the Butte Ranger District are advising people to be cautious driving along the following forest roads in the Lowland area; 9485,442, 5094 and 5001. Currently logging contractors are actively working in the North Butte Timber sale area.

Visitors are reminded that firewood cutting in this active timber sale area is not allowed. This would include firewood cutting from the log piles or the landings as well as standing trees. Lowland campground located in this area is also closed until late May. Additionally, only Forest Service fire management personnel are allowed to burn piles on existing landings or within the timber sale area.

Contact the Butte Ranger District at (406) 494-0250 for more information.