Forest Service to Allow Firewood Gathering in Selected Campgrounds

Contact(s): Leona Rodreick

Due to extensive tree mortality from the mountain pine beetle, the Wisdom and Wise River Ranger Districts are temporarily opening select campgrounds to firewood gathering.

“Normally, firewood gathering in campgrounds is not allowed; however, due to the large amount of wood at these select sites, wood may be removed with the purchase of a valid firewood permit.” Said District Ranger Russ Riebe, “all dead and trees have been felled by Forest Service crews and cut to either, six foot lengths, or to shorter firewood lengths.”

Little Joe, Willow, and Mono Creek campgrounds located along the Pioneer Scenic Byway have firewood available for removal. Firewood is also available at May Creek, Miner Lakes, Twin Lakes, Steel Creek, and Mussigbrod campgrounds located throughout the Big Hole area.

Wood gatherers have until October 31 to remove wood unless prior arrangements have been made with the Wise River or Wisdom Ranger Districts. Standing trees may not be removed from the selected sites, only trees already felled and limbed by Forest Service crews are available for firewood removal. After the firewood has been removed, slash and residual limbs will remain in place until burned or chipped by Forest Service crews next spring.

Firewood permits are available at Forest Service offices in southwest Montana. Additionally firewood permits may also be purchased at Bob Wards Sporting Goods store located 1925 Dewey Blvd in Butte, Thrifty Drug in Anaconda and at the Butte BLM office located at 106 North Parkmont.

For more information contact the Wise River Ranger District at (406) 832-3178 or the Wisdom Ranger District at (406) 689-3243.