Forest Roads North of Butte Temporarily Closed

Contact(s): Leona Rodreick

Wet conditions have caused road damage in three locations on the Butte Ranger District.  Snowmelt and excessive water have created washouts and deep mud holes on these roads causing unstable road surfaces.

     The Hail Columbia Road #9485 located approximately one-quarter mile west of Lowland Campground is impassable by motor vehicles.  The road is temporarily closed to motorized traffic from the junction of Lowland campground west of the damaged area and one-half mile east of the damaged area. 

     Wet conditions on the upper portion of Haystack Road #1538 have made the road impassable to the trailhead.  Also closed due to excessive mud on the road is the Burton Park trailhead access road off of Road #84 located five miles east of I-15.

     Forest Service crews will not be able to repair these roads until conditions dry out.  Until then the roads will remain closed to motorized traffic except to permitted users.

     For information on these and other roads contact the Butte Ranger District at (406) 494-2147.