Collecting Other Forest Items

[photo] close up of a huckleberry plant with fruit

People like to collect mushrooms, berries, seedlings, and other items from National Forest land.

If you plan to sell the products, a commercial gathering permit needs to be obtained from the local Forest Service office. For personal use, fees are not generally charged depending on the amount taken. Some areas have special restrictions and some years vary, for instance, a spring following a large fire season, may require permits for personal use mushroom gathering.

Recently, in the Northern Region of the Forest Service, new regulations came into effect for huckleberries, mushrooms, beargrass, and other products. For example, a permit is not required for recreational huckleberry picking up to 10 gallons per season. Commercial pickers must obtain a permit from the appropriate district.

It is always best to check with the District or Supervisor's Office before gathering/collecting items from the forest.


2018 Harvesting Mushrooms Guide