Working Together

The Bighorn National Forest welcomes the efforts from individuals and groups who wish to assist in the management of National Forest System lands. The Forest Service is committed to working with partners, other agencies, permittees, contractors, and the surrounding communities. The Forest Service offers many opportunities for volunteers, partnerships, advisory councils, and research work and maintains positive working relationships with neighboring tribes. 


Bighorn National Forest Partnership Opportunity Guide

The 2023 partnership opportunity guide is the result of a joint effort between the Bighorn National Forest, the National Forest Foundation (NFF), and the National Partnership Office (NPO) to understand the strengths, challenges, and opportunities to build meaningful and sustainable partnerships.  This process identified communication of forest project priorities as an important opportunity to build partnerships with organizations and agencies that have a connection to the Bighorn National Forest.  The partnership opportunity guide aims to serve as a communication tool to connect Bighorn National Forest project priorities with existing capacity.