Bitterroot National Forest Native Plant and Pollinator Gardens

Image of a fly on a Blanket flower.




Bitterroot National Forest boasts a garden a year, providing native plant and pollinator gardens across the forest.


The next time you visit your local Ranger District on the Bitterroot National Forest, make sure you stop and enjoy our native plant and pollinator gardens.  In 2011, we updated each of the three pollinator gardens, located at Bitterroot Ranger Districts.  New local artesian work depicts the positive benefits of pollinator gardens through interpretive signs, bee boxes, and butterfly boxes placed across the Forest. Additionally a brand new pollinator garden was created at the Sula Ranger District which will greet visitors coming into Montana from Idaho at Lost Trail Pass.

This work started back in 2008, when Forest Service personnel partnered with the Stevensville Garden Club to design and implement a native plant garden, as part of a community focal piece at the Stevensville Ranger District.  Since the inception, the Bitterroot N.F. has put in a garden each year; increasingly educating and gaining community support and intrigue from visitors to the Bitterroot Valley.  The Northern Region now has a strong native plant and pollinator garden presence across several forests in Idaho, Montana and the Dakotas; including the Lolo N.F. and the Dakota Prairie Grasslands just to name a few.

Click here to see more photos of our pollinator gardens and some of the wonderful volunteers who help us maintain them.  

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Fleabane flower with butterfly

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Butterfly on a Coreopsis flower