Trail Clearing Projects

Contact(s): Joni Lubke

Hamilton, Montana – Bitter Root Back Country Horsemen (BRBCH) and the Bitterroot National Forest are partnering on two trail clean-up projects taking place this month.

The first will occur this weekend July 6-8th at the Boulder Creek Trail #617 on the West Fork Ranger District.  The group will do general trail maintenance including clearing blow down, cleaning water bars, cutting and removing brush along the trail and general repairs.  Volunteers and stock will be camping at the Boulder Creek Horse Camp adjacent to Sam Billings Campground. 

The second project will take place on July 21st at Willow Creek/Burnt Fork Trail on the Stevensville Ranger District.  The group will do general trail maintenance and trail clearing on the trail system out of Willow Creek connecting with upper Burnt Fork Trail.  

The public should be on alert and watch out for volunteer work crews and stock at these locations.  For more information visit

BRBCH was established more than 40 years ago and was one of the first chapters in the nation.  Their goal is to ensure that stock users can continue to access backcountry and wilderness trails.  The club annually contributes over 600 personal hours and 425 stock hours on projects, most on the National Forest, that create significant benefits for all trail users and for the natural resources.

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