Judge Issues Clarification on Travel Plan Ruling

Contact(s): Tod McKay

Hamilton, Montana – Federal Judge Dana Christensen issued a clarification to his June 29, 2018 ruling on a lawsuit challenging the forest travel plan.  The Defendant-Intervenors requested clarification from the court as to whether trails in the two Montana Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) on the forest are currently open to bicycles pending the outcome of the court-ordered objection response period. 

In his clarification, Christensen states, “the Court grants Defendant-Intervenors’ Motion, and clarifies that the June 29, 2018 Order intended remand of the Travel Plan without vacatur (vacating) of the Travel Plan’s restrictions on mountain bike use in WSAs.”

Based on the Court’s ruling, pending the outcome of the objection process, trails in Bitterroot WSAs are closed to mountain bikes. 

The forest is currently working on providing an objection response period and will have more information to share soon regarding this process.  As directed by the court, the only issue to be considered during the objection period is the closure of trails in WSAs to bicycles.  No other aspects of the Travel Plan will be subject to the objection response period. 

For more information, including the Travel Management Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) visit www.fs.usda.gov/bitterroot.         

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