Christmas Tree Permit Information

Looking for the perfect tree?  Try the tree lot in your backyard...the Bitterroot National Forest.  You can purchase a permit for Christmas tree cutting from any office.  Cost of the permit is $5. A permit is required for each tree cut and removed from National Forest land. 

There are no special areas designated for cutting.  However, you are asked to observe the following rules in cutting your tree:

  • Be sure you are on National Forest land.  A landowner might get angry if you aren't.
  • Cut your tree at least 200 feet away from main roads, campgrounds, and other recreation sites.  These are closed to all tree cutting.
  • Select your tree from thickets or crowded areas.  Do not remove trees from thinned plantations or other sparsely stocked areas.  Please leave the isolated or single trees growing alone.
  • Cut only one tree for each permit and attach the tag to the tree before you put the tree in your vehicle.
  • Help us maintain roads by removing all discarded limbs and sections of the tree from roads and ditches.
  • Please do not cut a large tree (over 12 feet high) just to get the top.
  • Cut the stem off below the lowest live limb or within 8 inches of the ground, whichever is lowest.
  • On back roads, you are encouraged to cut trees which are growing within the road prism (from the top of the cut bank to the bottom of the fill slope) of little used roads.  This helps to keep roads open and safe for travel.
  • Be prepared for cold weather and snow.  The National Forest is mountainous terrain and almost always has snow on the ground in December.  Drive safely!