Forest Conditions (2021)

Current as of April 21, 2021

The Black Hills National Forest strives to provide safe motorized trail and road access as well as modes of non-motorized travel while protecting the resources. Due to a variety of weather events and high user volume some of the roads and trails are rutted, muddy, damaged, blocked by fallen trees or impassable for a variety of reasons. The Black Hills National Forest will keep these roads and trails restricted to certain modes of use until they have conditions that will allow safe travel without causing resource damage. 

Temporary Road and Trail Administrative Restrictions (April 21, 2021) & Map


The following conditions / closures are currently in effect until further notice for each District below:

Hell Canyon Ranger District

Road Closures​

  • NFSR 284.2A - closed from 284 - 284.2D
  • NFSR 326.1A
  • NFSR 337 - closed 0.4 miles from CTY 343 and 1.2 miles from CTY 336
  • NFSR 495.lA 
  • 682 - closed from 682.2P to 682.2N
  • 682.2N - closed from 682 to 682.2Q
  • 682.2O
  • 781.1A
  • 781.1C
  • 781.1G


Mystic Ranger District

Trail Closures

Ditch Creek Trail System. This area is south of the intersection of HWY 385 and Merritt Estes Road.

  • 6069 - entire length

Road Closures

  • NFSR 291 - closed from trail 6004 to trail 6021
  • NFSR 299.1C (NFSR 299.1C/F/J/K are near Bear Mountain)
  • NFSR 299.1F
  • NFSR 299.1J 
  • NFSR 299.1K


Northern Hills Ranger District

Road Closures

  • NFSR 135.N - entire length closed
  • 170.5l - entire length closed


Bearlodge Ranger District

Trail Closures

  • Trail 91 (Cliff Swallow) - entire length is closed

Road Closure

  • FSR 830.4Z is closed in order to prevent further natural resource damage to the area and to protect the safety and health of visitors. 

Conditions vary on system roads and trails that are presently open to public travel. Please be advised that some of these roads may be saturated, with isolated cases of downed trees across roads. Crews continue to assess road and trail conditions and clear them of obstacles.