Forest Conditions (2019)

Current as of August 30, 2019

Due to abundant moisture, there are hazards on the forest including wet and soft roads and trails, some culverts are washed out, trees are down on roads and trails, footbridges washed out, and there are no shortage of puddles and mud.

Districts began opening most gates to motorized trails and seasonally closed roads on June 7.  The following conditions / closures are in effect for each District below:

Hell Canyon Ranger District

Road Closures for Damage

  • NFSR 336.11 from CTY- 336 to NFSR 382,
  • NFSR 336.10
  • NFSR 504 
  • NFSR 495.lA 
  • NFSR 402.lE
  • NFSR 409
  • NFSR 413
  • NFSR 287.1D
  • NFSR 240
  • NFSR 284.1B
  • NFSR 284.1H
  • NFSR 286.1B
  • NFSR 286.1C
  • NFSR 287.1C
  • NFSR 654 (from county rd 286 (Upper French Creek) to 654.1B)
  • NFSR 654.1B

Non-motorized Trails Closed to Horse travel

  • Willow Creek Loop Trail #8 - South half closed to horse traffic between junction with Lost Cabin Trail #2 and junction with Black Elk Peak Trail #9 North .


Mystic Ranger District

Trail Closures

  • Ditch Creek Trail System. This area is west of Hill City.
    • Trail – 6001
  • Nugget Trail System. This area is West of Rapid City and South of Silver City on both the East and West of China Gulch Road {NFSR 249).
    • Trails - 6805,6827,6832,6833
  • Victoria Lake Trail System. This area is west of Rapid City. North of Sheridan Lake Road, East of HWY 385, South of Hwy 44.
    • Trail – 6712
    • Flume Loop A
    • Trail 40 partially closed from Silver City to Slate Creek Dam
  • Merritt Trail System. This area is south of the intersection of HWY 385 and Merritt Estes Road.
    • Trails 6210, 6211,6234

Road Closures for damage

  • NFSR 160.1, 160.2, 160.2A, 160.2B, 160.2D, 161, 162, 162.lA - This area is West of Rapid City, North of Sheridan Lake Road, commonly known as Victoria Lake Area.
  • NFSR 244 - This road is south of Silver City and east of China Gulch Road.
  • NFSR 448 - Closed at intersection with 448.1C to intersection with 448.1A.


Northern Hills Ranger District

Trail Closures

  • Centennial Motorized Trail. This motorized of the Centennial Trail begins at Dalton Trail head and ends at Pilot Knob. –
    • Trail 8089 (Dalton Trailhead south to trail 8292)
  • South Boxelder Trail System. This area is West of Nemo and South of the Boxelder Forks Campground. It begins at the South Boxelder trailhead and lies between FSR 140 to the North and FSR 152 to the South. 
    • Trails 8089B, 8550, 8259, 8260, 8089, 8256, 8250
  • Pilot Knob Trail System. This area is North of Pactola Lake and East of US Highway 385. It begins at the Pilot Knob Trail.head. The trail system lies South of FSR 208. 
    • Trail 8028
  • Riley Hill Trail System. This area is East of Rochford and West of the Experimental Forest. It begins at the Riley Hill Trailhead on FSR 237.
    • Trails 8228, 8202, 8206, 8217, 8218

Road Closures for damage

  • Partial closures on NFSR 184, 219, 741.1, 135.1N, 170, 171.1, 172.1, 567.1 

Trails and roads will need to dry out before equipment can begin repairs to prevent causing further damage. 


Bearlodge Ranger District

  • Cook Lake is closed (July 8, 2019) for construction of a new dam and spillway.
  • FSR 830.4Z is closed in order to prevent further natural resource damage to the area and to protect the safety and health of visitors. 
  • Conditions vary on system roads that are presently open to public travel. Please be advised that some of these roads remain saturated, with isolated cases of downed trees across roads. Crews continue to assess road conditions and clear them of obstacles.