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Fire Restrictions

  • Current Fire Restrictions - See the latest interagency information on rules and restrictions of campfires, fireworks, burning, and others in the Black Hills area.

Note: During periods of extreme wildfire conditions, additional restrictions may be put in place restricting the use of open fire.

  • Current Fire Danger - The latest update about current fire danger in the northern, central, and southern portions of the Black Hills.


Fire Prevention

The Black Hills National Forest reminds everyone to be cautious and help prevent unwanted wildfires. 

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Campers, keep your fire small and never leave your campfire unattended. Before leaving your fire remember to drown it with water, stir, and feel with the back of your hand. Your fire needs to be cold to the touch. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave!  Know before you go and remember, one less spark, one less fire!

In the South Dakota portion of the Black Hills National Forest, you can have campfires ONLY in established campfire grills & grates at designated recreation sites. See Forest Special Order for more information. 

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Campfires are allowed in undeveloped areas in the Wyoming portion of the Black Hills National Forest. Before building a campfire, please clear all nearby vegetation and establish a campfire ring. In developed campgrounds, campfires are only allowed in designated fire grates. 


fireworks prohibited

Black Hills National Forest officials remind the public that fireworks are not allowed on the Black Hills National Forest and within the Black Hills Fire Protection District.

Possessing, discharging or using any kind of fireworks or pyrotechnic devices is prohibited on the Black Hills National Forest year-round, regardless of weather conditions or holidays.

  • Help spread the word - Download the Black Hills National Forest Smokey Bear Independence Day Fire Prevention Letter (.pdf) and/or Postcard (.pdf)


Where to Go for Information on Fires:

Public Information Officers (PIOs) from the Black Hills National Forest, SD Wildland Fire Division, and Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands continue to work together to distribute information about initial attack fires within the Great Plains initial attack zone.

(Note: The Great Plains initial attack zone includes public and private land in and around the Black Hills National Forest and Nebraska National Forest and Grasslands in South Dakota and Nebraska.)

One common phone number, blog, and Twitter account are staffed during initial attack fires by an on call PIO who works closely with the Great Plains Dispatch Center to provide interagency fire information. 

Great Plains Fire Information/PIO Contact Information:

211 Helpline Center’s Text Notification system

Great Plains Fire Information, comprised of the Black Hills National Forest, Nebraska National Forest and Grasslands and South Dakota Wildland Fire Division, has partnered with the 211 Helpline Center to notify the public of significant fire activity within the Great Plains geographical area (Black Hills and surrounding areas) using text messaging.

To subscribe, text ‘GPFire’ to 85511. Text ‘STOP’ to cancel at any time. 

Notification text will be sent to those who subscribe on significant fire activity, including wildland and prescribed fires within the Great Plains Dispatch Zone.


Burn Permits

Permits are needed for private campfire facilities on private land within the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District, excluding incorporated cities or towns. Permits may be obtained by contacting the local field office for the South Dakota Wildland Fire Division or calling 605-393-8011.

South Dakota Department of Agriculture webpage:


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