Black Hills National Forest Plan Revision


Forest Plans (FP) set the overall management direction and guidance at a forest-wide scale. These plans guide the direction of specific projects or activities on the ground. Forest Plans need to be updated periodically due to changed conditions on the land and this is done through a process called Forest Plan Revision.

The Black Hills National Forest is beginning the process of revising its current Plan which was first released in 1983, revised in 1997 and amended in 2006. The revised FP will provide guidance for the implementation of management activities across the 1.2 million-acre Black Hills National Forest for the next 15 years.

The Forest Plan Revision process is guided by the 2012 Planning Rule which serves as an opportunity to look at what is working and what may not be working using best available scientific information and meaningful public involvement. 

Rapid Stakeholder Assessment

In preparation for forest plan revision, Black Hills National Forest (BKNF) conducted a rapid stakeholder assessment in the fall of 2020 to understand stakeholder preferences and perspectives regarding key issues, desired outreach methods and venues, and past experiences working with the Forest in the forest plan revision process. The primary objectives were to gain the public’s perspective on past planning revision efforts and opinions about updating older assessment material, discuss priority issues and public values pertaining to the Black Hills National Forest, and garner suggestions to guide the upcoming planning processes in terms of outreach and public meetings.

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Assessment Phase

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Monitoring Phase 

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